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    Recent Posts
      Bogdan Ivkovic - Magnet Boy From Serbia - Full Story

    Photo credit: Aleksandar Davinic Seven year old Bogdan Ivkovic from Vlasotinac, Serbia sparked a wave of viral videos lately owing to his ability to attract objects like a magnet. While most websites just comment on the contents of the videos of Bogdan, OccultCenter.Com brings you a more complete story thanks to our buddies from that part of the world....
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      Video: "Ghost Hand" Pushes Beer Off The Table

    We have all heard of cases where things get moved or knocked around the room without anyone touching them. Now one such event has been caught on CCTV camera. Sean Moore left his drink during the weekly quiz at the New Inn in Gloucester, UK. Mark Cooke, 35, the proprietor of the bar said that he heard "stories" about the bar but was skeptical. However, he says "But the...
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      Quotes From Quran Appearing On Baby

    Ali Yakubov, a nine month old boy has become somewhat of a celebrity in Dagestan, a republic in Russia. Quotes from Quran started appearing on his skin. The first word that appeared was "Allah". What soon followed was a succession of various quotes of Quran verses....
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      Australian catches shape-shifting orb on infrared cam

    In the past times, if you said you saw orbs of light flying through your home, and on top of that they speak to each other, you would be considered a mental case. Some "skeptic" would perhaps "intelligently " come to your place once or twice, saw nothing and concluded that if he can't see anything, you must be either crazy or fraudster seeking attention....
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      21 Grams - Weight Of The Soul?

    Photo by:costi These days the term "21 grams" is a part of popular culture. Holywood even made a movie with that title. Some people quote as "scientific fact" that "scientists measured people losing 21 grams of weight when they die". Is it really so? Where did that number even come from? Here are hard facts about it:...
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