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    Recent Posts
      Jelena Momcilov - Magnet Girl From Serbia

    The media in the entire Balkans region are abuzz about Jelena Momcilov, a 10 year old girl from Zeljusa near Dimitrovgrad, Serbia. Objects stick to her as if she was a big magnet. Even though newspapers and websites refer to her as a "magnet girl", she attracts plastics and wood as well as iron and aluminum. Through our network of paranormal minded friends we had a peek into the...
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      Miroslaw Magola - Human Magnet Tested On Max Planck Institute

    Although I wrote about magnetic people before, this man deserves a post of his own. He is Miroslaw Magola, a Polish gentleman whose abilities caught attention of several TV shows and magazines but were also put to the test on Max Plank Institute in Germany. It was over there that Dr. Friedbert Karger investigated Mr. Magola in January 1997 and concluded that he was able to "pick up a...
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      Magnetic Personality? No, Really Magnetic People

    Everyone heard about people who have "magnetic personality", but when you meet Liew Thow Lin, a 70-year-old retired contractor from Malaysia, this expression gets a whole new meaning. Metal objects are actually sticking to his body which earned him a nickname "magnet man" in some media. He says he noticed that ability quite a while ago while he worked as a contractor and tools would stick to him. You...
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