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    Recent Posts
      Pope John Paul II Beatified - Case In Point Of Miraculous Cures

    As I write this, all the TV stations are carrying the news of the day: Vatican has beatified the late Pope John Paul II. It was the fastest process of beatification in the almost 2000 years of the Church history. However, this post is not about the biography of the Blessed John Paul II (as he is officially addressed after the beatification) nor is it a news flash of...
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      Bogdan Ivkovic - Magnet Boy From Serbia - Full Story

    Photo credit: Aleksandar Davinic Seven year old Bogdan Ivkovic from Vlasotinac, Serbia sparked a wave of viral videos lately owing to his ability to attract objects like a magnet. While most websites just comment on the contents of the videos of Bogdan, OccultCenter.Com brings you a more complete story thanks to our buddies from that part of the world....
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      Who Are The Nephilim AKA Anunaki AKA Watchers (And What Do They Have To Do With St. Valentine's)?

    Every now and then some movie or TV series makes a reference to the Nephilim. Reptilian conspiracy theories also reference the Anunaki. Today, on St. Valentine's day I thought would be the best occasion to make a post explaining quickly all about Nephilim, Nephlim, Anakim, Anunaki and what do they all have to do with the St. Valentine's day....
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      Reversed Soundtrack: Jonas Brothers Sing Satanic Song

    Anyone remember 80es? Back then the record players like the one above made it really easy for anyone to turn any given record backwards and search for "hidden messages" recorded backwards in the songs. Countless and baseless rumors of secret Satanic messages in different songs were all the rage back then. Comedy "Little Nicky" with Adam Sandler made fun of that as Sandler, playing the misfit son of the...
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      Things You Didn't Know About Three Holy Kings

    Today is Epiphany. A Christian holiday celebrating three holy kings, also known as three wise men or the Magi visiting baby Jesus. Everyone knows the standard story; They saw a star in the East, recognized that it means the birth of a king, so they brought presents : gold, frankincense and myrrh. Some people also know that myrrh is a dried oleo resin of Commiphora species of trees. It...
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